B-W Jazz 1 of pair B-W Jazz 2 of 2 bird in blue blue birds family holding fast impact in time jazzing 07 jazzing with jess mike juggins 09 on the edge pain but push on painting the bird - south of france july 2010 primary jazz red orange bird simple jazz south of france jazz still jazzing july 2010 stood thinking about flying torn jazz visual jazz - still life landscape visual jazz 08 yellow jazz



South of france jazz. A4

mike juggins 09. A4

jazzing with jess. A4

painting the jazz july 2010. A5

still jazzing july 2010. A4

blue birds. A5

simple jazz. A4

pain, but push on. A5

B-W Jazz 1 of pair. A5

primary jazz. A4

visual jazz - still life landscape. A5

visual jazz 08. A5

jazzing 07. A5

Stood. A5

Family. A4

in time. A5

yellow jazz. A5

impact. A4

on the edge. A4

holding fast. A5

torn jazz. A5

B-W Jazz 2 of pair. A5

red orange bird. A4

thinking about flying. A4

Mike Juggins