10 years Dyslexia - I won I am ready I want to fly, but.. Let go The king in waiting lol To understand my work is to.. bounce - box - stress confidence dyslexia - thinking out of the box dyslexia rules KO dyslexic thinker finding out helps from the inside out growing wings but feeling cold lost school then prison, spot the difference smoking and thinking the social implications of dyslexia trying to set my kin free what did I become words words words words etc fist

dyslexia rules K.O. A5

Confidence. A5

To understand my work... A5

dyslexic thinker. A4

the social implications blah. A4

Finding out helps. A4

dyslexia, I won. A4

Let Go. A4

I want to fly, but. A4

Trying to set my kin free. A4

from the inside out. A5

Growing wings. A4

words words words etc. A5

What did I become. A4

The king in waiting lol. A4

I am ready. A4

Fist. A5

bounce - box - stress. A5

school then prison. A4

Smoking and thinking. A4

Lost. A4

10 years. A5

dyslexia, thinking out the box. A4

Mike Juggins