The Paint is the Narrative:

Colour - Gesture - Emotion

What to paint Me at Duchey 09

Mike Juggins - Visual Jazz


"The apparently straight forward representation of the visible world is a facade for what lies behind it - intricate patterned shadows which dissolve into cubic forms then simply melt into the background.


The repeated images - a glimpse of a surreal world hiding behind Matisse vases, Picasso doves and Mikes' archways.


The figurative, the cubic and the abstract, all jostle in his canvasses for prominence. I am fascinated by the result."


Danuta Bird - Art Critic

Green still life B

Golden Tree, Book and Dove: oil 2x1.5m

single B double B plural B

Single. H:84cm x W:58cm

Plural. H:84cm x W:58cm

Double. H:84cm x W:58cm

Dragon Rising: oils. 1x1m



Oil Painter: Two Hands working together.

fight or flight web Golden age B In flight print web IMG_0442 IMG_0436 IMG_0434 IMG_0456 IMG_0435

Joy: oils. 1x1m



Peace: oils. 1x1m

Golden Age. oils. 58x84cm


Mike Juggins