3 the magic number ART Joy War.. a time for change children and dog drawing is a state of mind family dartmouth free juggism lader and the swan last of the grAte modernists drawing lost in colour love is blind - but I cant speak about that right mid way through the dog days music still life play road trip - spain self portrait with fork, ball, pen and mouse shape colour gesture drawing shower thinking thinking about painting top banna 1st truth waiting for spring we wait son you can fly

Free. A5

waiting for spring. A4

Play. A5

 drawing is a state of mind. A5

Art. A4

thinking. A5

Joy. A5


family  in dartmouth. A5

music still life. A5


3 the magic number. A4

love is blind. A4

Children & dog. A4

top banna - 1st. A5

self portrait with... A5

The last of... A4

Time for change... A4 Sold

thinking about painting. A5

lader and the swan. A4

lost in colour. A4

road trip - spain. A4

we wait son. A5

 Shower. A4

You can Fly. A4

War... A4

shape coulor gesture. A4

the dog days. A4

Mike Juggins